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Working with us is easy.
We're a reliable Logistics & Transport Company.

“Logistics is planning and methodical execution, we deliver both with precision.”

Your time is valuable to us which is why we place emphasis on every detail in planning your transportation needs.
We are confident in our ability to expertly execute your logistical needs.

Logistic solutions that
move your business forward.

We offer logistics & transport solutions to companies.

Express Transport

Due to the fact that automotive Express Transport is typically critical for time of delivery, we approach it with greatest detail and commitment from the very beginning. We will process your request immediately and obtain the most effective and efficient solution. We provide accurate transit time for every Express Transport, with exact loading and unloading times.


Within 15 minutes you will receive a quote and transportation plan designed specifically to meet your needs through Express Transport.

Regular Transport

As a logistics transportation company with our own fleet, we understand that global logistics is based on national and international transportation.

Our company prides itself in its capabilities that range from 3.5t Sprinters up to 40t trucks to expertly meet the needs of our customers.

Less Than Truckload

If your shipment isn’t of size to fill a whole truck and there isn’t urgency for the delivery, our Less-Than- Truckload (LTL) option can be a suitable solution for you.


If you need transport of hazardous materials, we have vehicles with necessary equipment. We can carry all types of ADR.

Temperature-controlled Transport

Our aim is to transport product under the best conditions. Pharmaceutical and food products are extremely sensitive and it ́s in our best interest to deliver them with care.


In our base located in Trebisov we have storage space of approx. 2000 square meters. We can provide you with 40 ewp. Storage with regulated temperature (up to -25°C).

We're here to Help Your Business Needs.

If you are interested in conducting business with us and would like additional information regarding us or our clients, feel free to contact us and we will provide you the detailed information.